Tuesday, 27 March 2012


We've all probably been thinking the same thing. People are starting to put their heavy winter coats away, and although the 'Spring (is almost here) fever' has been creeping up on us for what seems like ages now, it might actually - finally - be upon us. Warm weather!

So, in the spirit of sunny days, and the wonderful feeling you get after putting away your snow shovel for the last time (But only until next Winter of course - but still!) let's celebrate the classic warm weather ritual that is picnics.

Photo via Google images
Now a picnic isn't a picnic without some gingham (a date who looks like Zooey Deschanel wouldn't hurt either), and what do you know - we've got a ton of it! Shirts. We have a ton of shirts.*

We suggest you get them before they disappear, like a pile of our favourite French macarons.

*Unfortunately, we do not produce clones of attractive, female celebrities.

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