Friday, 29 November 2013


Scarves are an essential component of the winter ensemble, and they're one of  those great accessories that never has to compromise its look for its function. We've got wool scarves in the shop, and they come in different colours to compliment any wardrobe. 

Wednesday, 27 November 2013


We've got new, knit ties in the shop! We've got them in a million (well, not a million, but quite a few) colours, and they're the perfect finishing detail to every outfit.
Stop by the shop and check them out!

Monday, 25 November 2013


Today's look of the day shows that your seasonal garments don't have to go into storage once the season's over. Take, for example, this jacket for our spring 2014 collection (preview alert!!)—we layered it with darker colours, and a winter-weight sweater. Now, this spring jacket works for colder seasons, as well as adds a great pop of colour to the outfit.

Not every season needs an entirely new wardrobe, and it is possible to transition key pieces into other seasons. We don't mean wearing your shorts and flip flops in February—let's not get crazy—but things like jackets or brighter coloured shirts would work well with other heavier sweaters or jackets, and darker, winter clothes. Try it!

Friday, 22 November 2013


We've got new, sterling silver cufflinks in the shop! Buy them up gifts this holiday season for your dapper pals, or of course, for yourself. Presents for yourself are always a good idea.

They're the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, and they add just the right amount of shine, without being over-the-top. But don't take our word for it—come by and take a look!


We are so excited to share this great news with everyone! Simon Carter won this year's Drapers Award for "Menswear Brand of the Year!"

Congratulations, Simon! Here's to more success!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Here's a great, new (but you've probably already hear it) track from Sir Paul McCartney that we thought we'd share, because it was good for a listen on this sunny Wednesday morning. It almost made us forget that it's not Friday yet. Almost.


Monday, 18 November 2013


We're adding some colour to this gloomy Monday morning with some of our favourite sartorial details: mixing different patterns in contrasting colours, as well as textures, with the corduroy trouser we paired to complete the ensemble.

Thursday, 14 November 2013


We're always busy trying to bring you the best and latest in fashion news, style tips, and the new products we get in the shop—along with a few photos of our bast pal Carter, of course.

Since we're always looking to try and deliver the goods to you in the best way possible, we often search for new social media channels, so now, we're trying our hand at Instagram. So far, we're having great time taking photos, as well as checking out some of the taste-makers in the fashion industry around the world!

If you haven't already, follow us on Instagram, at @simonsaystoronto, and while you're at it, check out some of the people we follow too!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013


We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it's getting chilly out there, (We may have even seen a few flurries last night!) and that means it's time to get yourself a winter coat. Fortunately for all of you gents, we've got great, tweed coats in the shop that are sure to look great on, as well as keep you warm.
Stop by the shop and try one on!

Monday, 11 November 2013


The stars were out for the BAFTA Britannia Awards on Saturday in Los Angeles. As per usual, the men were impeccably dressed, and our top picks were George Clooney, Idris Elba, and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Who were your picks for "best dressed?"

Friday, 8 November 2013


David Bowie is the star of a new short film called L’Invitation Au Voyage, which doubles as an advertisement for Louis Vuitton. The video is directed by Roman Gavras—who has also made music videos for Justice and M.I.A. Bowie plays the song “I’d Rather Be High,” from his album, The Next Day, on a harpsichord. He's also got a print ad with the fashion house, seen below.
It's no secret that he's known, not just as a great musician, but a fashion icon in his own right—so it seems natural that he'd collaborate and take part in these types of projects, right?

Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Wool and cashmere sweaters have just arrived at the shop, and we've got plenty of different styles and colours for you to choose from! Whether you wear them on their own, with your favourite jeans for a casual look, or layer them under a suit for a pop of colour, you're sure to stay warm—and of course, look great!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013


After a recent discussion among friends about the appropriate way to shake someone's hand, we stumbled upon this piece by British GQ—aptly titled, The perfect handhsake. Handshakes, while a seemingly basic exercise, is actually an important part in leaving a good, first impression, at least as far as we're concerned. While we agree that we could do without most of the handshakes featured, here are some of our handshake pet-peeves, as illustrated by GQ.

"The dead fish: Limp-fingered, with minimal palm contact"

"The dead fish" probably grinds our gears more than any other bad handshake, and that's partly why we were compelled to share this with everyone. GQ writes that "Some people view this as a lack of respect, so be sure to make contact with the webbed part of your hand, between forefinger and thumb." So make that contact, folks!

"The sweaty Betty: Palms that are wetter than an otter's pocket"

According to the gents at GQ, to keep your palms dry, "Rub your hand with an alcohol wipe before a meeting, sip sage tea (to reduce sweat) and keep a tissue in your pocket to dry off before a shake."

Now don't be afraid to shake our hands when you stop by the shop. We'll still like you, even if your palms are a little sweaty.

Monday, 4 November 2013


 Today's look is inspired by this chilly weather.  Layers upon layers of knits is the way to go this season—especially if you've got British wool to keep you warm. Stop by the shop and check out our new sweaters!

Friday, 1 November 2013


To all of the gents out there taking part in the wonderful tradition of Movember, here are some iconic 'staches to help inspire you to grow that 'mo into something that will surely impress the ladies--and make your buddies jealous.