Friday, 2 March 2012


"Between saying and doing many a pair of shoes is worn out," is one of those quotes that motivate you and make you want to take action, but not before buying a great pair of shoes to do it in. And if they're going to get worn out, you're probably going to want to get a pair of shoes that's going to last through all of the 'taking charge' you're going to get up to.

Though just awarded a Royal Warrant of Appointment to the Queen in 2007, Loake has been making shoes fit for the royal family since 1880.

Loakes are known for their quality, but also for their style. Their classic look adds a great finishing detail to any outfit, which - like a vintage car, or a beer fridge - makes them a great investment. To make sure you're taking care of your investment, just follow some of these steps:

1. (This particular rule should apply to all dress shoes.) ALWAYS use a shoehorn when putting on your shoes. This will keep the backs strong and sturdy.

2. Leather shoes usually require a full day to dry out from natural perspiration, so try to give them at least 24 hours between wears.

3. Should your Loakes get excessively wet, let them dry naturally away from direct heat. Use newspaper inside the shoe to help the leather dry out.

4. Regular use of a good-quality cream or wax polish is ideal. This will help moisturize the leather, as well as prevent cracking and excessive creasing.

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