Wednesday, 4 April 2012


April showers bring May flowers - and the possibility of getting your eye poked on the street while you're walking. To avoid taking someone's eye out - or losing one of your own - we thought we would share some umbrella etiquette with you gents. 

1. When encountering another umbrella remember this tip: if the umbrella is shorter than yours, lift yours up in passing. If the other umbrella is taller than yours, pull yours down closer to your head while passing.

2. It’s impossible to fit two umbrellas on a sidewalk, so stop trying! Just share one. It's not a big deal. No one wants to maneuver around an umbrella barricade, and it’s always the duo-umbrella wall that injures umbrella-less pedestrians.

3. Watch out for pedestrians - especially if they’re braving the rain without any umbrella security. Know where all of your umbrella's pokey metal or plastic bits are, and keep them away from faces and bodies. 

4. When shaking your umbrella dry, do it outside and away from people. Most buildings have an entryway or sheltered area to do this. Don’t be the guy who shakes water onto passing strangers or onto the floor, because you really don't want to be the guy who causes accidents, either.

5. If you're going to step out with an umbrella, might we suggest using a classic, Italian-made one with a hand-curved, wooden handle, water-repellent cotton canopy, and steel ribs and stretchers? Not sure where to find one of those? Stop by the shop and we'll show you!

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