Tuesday, 29 May 2012


We like to think that we fellas here at Simon Carter are quite stylish. And while we specialize in menswear, we can't possibly leave ladies out of the sartorial equation. So, we'd like to introduce you gents to an emerging trend among our female counterparts: the 'arm party.' 

A term coined by The Man Repeller, an arm party is basically a celebration of accessories. Imagine (if you have sisters, or even if you can recall from your own personal experience - we're not judging) taking the great game of dress-up and applying it to day-to-day life - and as an adult! In public! Better yet, don't imagine it at all. We'll just show you:

Above photos via manrepeller.com 
In February, we told you about our new women's watches, and we've recently added more colours to the collection. Give a lady in your life the gift of the arm party, and give her a watch - or three - to add to the soirée. 

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