Wednesday, 22 August 2012


We found this gem of photo: Michael Jordan in (what is arguably) a strange, sartorial choice. Although to be fair, he did wear this in the 90's, where everyone's sartorial choices were questionable. 

Micheal Jordan, wearing a jacket from the Jordan Beyond collection, in a 1991 appearance on SNL.
Then we discovered this quote, from a story in GQ: “At one point I pushed for a less sporty sub-brand called Jordan Beyond. When Michael did SNL in ’91, he wore a Jordan beyond quilted green jacket. But I couldn’t make it happen. I’ve still got some samples, including a basketball shoe that was perforated like a wingtip.” - Nike's Tinker Hatfield

A basketball shoe that was perforated like a wingtip. Interesting.

For the sake of a good debate, general curiosity, and last week's 'pick of the week,' we'd like to know what you think of sports brands like Nike, trying to cross over into less athletic, more dressy/casual attire. Also, if they brought back the 'Jordan Beyond' sub-brand, would it sell? 

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