Thursday, 25 October 2012


We know you're all probably past the point of getting excited about what costume you're going to put on this year. However, we also know that adults love a good Halloween shindig as much as kids do. If you're anything like us, you've probably been invited to one or two parties this year, but haven't actually considered what or who you want to come dressed as. Not to worry. We've rounded up some of our favourite, best-dressed villains to get you inspired.

DRACULA: Who can mess with a classic costume like Dracula?* Also when was the last time it was socially-acceptible for a grown man to wear a cape? This is a prime opportunity!

*Teenagers and Twilight

AGENT SMITH (The Matrix): Even if people don't know who you're supposed to be at first, once you call them "Mr. Anderson," people should be able to get it. We're also a big fan of Agent Smith because his character essentially gives you permission to forget everyone's name at the party. 

PATRICK BATEMAN (American Psycho): This one's incredibly easy - especially because we're sure you're already a sharply-dressed, good-looking man. Just carry around a plastic knife and pretend to be a sociopath. If people STILL don't know who you are, just tell them you're Dexter wearing a suit. 

THE JOKER (Batman): We're pretty sure we don't need to try and convince you why this would be just the coolest costume.

SEBASTIAN SHAW (X-Men): Fur is making a (slow, but steady) comeback, and this would be a great way to test-drive the look. Also, how many Halloween costumes let you wear an ascot? 

Who are some of your picks for "best-dressed villain"? 

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