Thursday, 22 November 2012


Photos via The Sartorialist, JAK&JIL, and 5inchandup.
We're giving a nod to the ladies this week, for setting a trend that we think us gents can certainly relate to: athletic gear. Mixing sportswear with more tailored; less casual outfits has been making appearances in men's fashion for years now (not too long ago, we even posted about wearing sneakers with a suit). However, we really like the ladies' fresh take on the trend: pairing their athletic gear with very feminine outfits, like track pants with stilettos (above), or snapbacks with cocktail dresses (below). 
If your lady hasn't already raided your gym bag for your old sports jerseys or baseball hats, we think your should definitely invite her to do so. Might we suggest giving your jerseys a wash before offering them to her? Or better yet, take her shopping at your favourite sports store. It might be your only chance to share clothes without it being weird.

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