Wednesday, 20 February 2013


We here at Simon Carter love a good story of a man and his canine pal just as much, if not more, than a well-tailored suit. Well, maybe we love them both equally.
All photos, via Instagram.
This week, we stumbled across one of the most entertaining and adorable instagram accounts we think we've ever seen: thiswildidea. It's essentially a photographic diary about Theron Humphrey and his wonderful dog, Maddie, who he rescued from an animal shelter in Altanta, Georgia. They travel around together, documenting their adventures, which lead to a series of photos called Maddie on Things.
Maddie on Things has since become a book, and even an iPhone app, where you can place Maddie on things that you photograph!
As well as being a message that if we can, we should adopt pets and take them into our loving homes, we think that Maddie on Things is a great reminder of all the fun times our pups bring to our lives. We think we might give our buddy Carter and extra treat or two today, just to show him we care.

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