Tuesday, 12 February 2013


If it wasn't already obvious, we here at Simon Carter are big fans of the James Bond franchise [*Please refer to THIS earlier blog post]. We love the action, the martinis, the girls, the cars, and obviously, Bond's impeccable wardrobe. If you've lived in a remote island for the last few decades and haven't seen any of the films, or if you just don't like the Bond movies (although we think that between these two hypothetical scenarios, the former is a more believable reason for not having seen any of the 007 films) we can understand why you may not have seen the latest one in theatres. However, now that the movie is on DVD/Blu-ray/digital copy, we REALLY think you should go see it. And if you didn't like it before, we're almost certain you'll change your mind after watching it.

image via uncrate.com
We also think that it would make a great Valentine's day gift. Might we suggest a James-Bond-movie-and-a-home-cooked-dinner date night (**in addition to the awesome accessories you could win if you enter our Valentine's day contest)?

**With the obvious, shameless self-promotion aside— we really do think you should enter our contest: it's easy, AND since you won't have to spend money on a Valentine's day gift if you win, you can take the money you saved and buy yourself some cool 007 gadgets!

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