Friday, 8 March 2013


The all-black outfit has been a staple among almost everyone's wardrobe at some time or another. We've even featured it on the blog because let's face it, the all-black ensemble is an easy-to-wear classic. 

However, we think that monochromatic outfits that aren't black can also look great—just keep a few things in mind before you throw on that all-neon-yellow ensemble you've got hanging out in your closet. (We won't even ask you why you've got one. We don't really want to know.)
Play with mixing patterns and textures. We've said this about wearing all-black outfits as well, but we think that this applies to any sort of monochromatic outfit. It keeps your outfit from looking flat and boring. It also keeps you from looking like Justin Timberlake, circa 2001.
Play with different shades of a colour you want to wear, especially if you've chosen a bold colour. Sometimes wearing the same shade of a bright colour can be overwhelming to look at, and might make you look more clown-ish than dapper.
No matter what you do, wear your clothes with confidence and you're sure to look great!

Happy Friday, folks!

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