Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Some of us here at Simon Carter are quite the basketball fans, so naturally we like to know what's going on with some of our favourite players on, and off, the court. With the playoffs starting, we thought we'd start a little NBA competition of our own—of the sartorial variety, of course. 

Let's begin with Russell Westbrook (left) who we, as well as GQ, have featured for his unique style. His choice here was a but simple, and certainly not of his usual aesthetic, but we don't necessarily think he's poorly-dressed either. He's an athlete. Athletes like to show off a bit of muscle once in a while. 
We now come to Stephen Curry (left) and Jarrett Jack (right), who we think put together a couple of nice ensembles. We especially like Curry's jacket, and Jack's shirt and tie combination.
We now come to an athlete who is not stranger to the flashy fashion game: LeBron James. It's not a bad look, but it's certainly loud, which by now, should be expected as far as James' attire is concerned. 
Who do you gents think are some of the best-dressed players in the NBA?

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