Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Father's day is fast-approaching, and since we've got so many ideas about what you should do for dear old dad this year, we thought we'd break it down into a few parts—today, we're showing you some cool spots you may want to take your dad to eat on his big day. Steakhouses are a-plenty in the city, and as we're sure your dad is sure to enjoy a great cut of steak, we think maybe trying something new might be fun!

1. The Antler Room
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Who doesn't want to grab a beer with their dads? You've seen them have a beer with dinner years before you were ever even legally allowed to, and now that you can have a beer, why not share a cold one with the first guy you've ever seen have a pint?

Aside from drinks, surely dinner will be on your minds as well: pork belly sliders, pescado tacos, and mini (salt and hickory smoked sugar-dusted, then tossed in caramel and rolled in crushed bacon) doughnuts are just some of the tasty offerings that are sure to please at the Antler Room.

2. Mill Street Beer Hall
We're really going for this dinner and beer theme, but why not? Dad's are well-deserving, and by the end of a long work week, so are you.

The Mill Street Beer Hall even has a beer-flavoured ice cream sandwich, which you can have for dessert once you've finished up your pints, or after you've filled up on their braised short ribs, roasted beet carpaccio, or the charcuterie board. Sounds delicious, right?

3. Lisa Marie
Located on Queen street, right near the shop, is Lisa Marie. They have a dish called the cheese thang (yes, cheese thang) as well as a deep fried pizza—not your typical burgers and fries. Your dad might appreciate the Elvis-y theme, but mostly, we think he'll like all of the cool-looking and tasty food. 

Tell us where you're going to be taking your dad to dinner this year, and check the blog again tomorrow for our other Father's day ideas! 

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