Friday, 7 June 2013


We're not entirely sure whether to say that Summer is here or around the corner—and frankly, we're getting a bit tired of speaking about Toronto's strange weather, but what we do know that we have some Summer essentials that we think you should all have! (In case Summer never arrives, at least it will feel like Summer because of all of the colourful details in your wardrobe.)

You may want to start with your footwear, and try on a pair of espadrille sneakers. If you're not into sandals, these closed-toe wonders are a stylish way to stay dressed for the season. *Bonus: If it gets a wee bit chilly later on in the day, your toes won't be exposed! 
A polo shirt in a bright colour is one way to dress according to the season. You can pair it with denim, or wear it with a suit. Check out how we styled it HERE.
Ah, ties and socks, likely the easiest way to add a touch of Summer to any outfit. Choose bright, solid colours like the ones below, or go for a something with a bold pattern—either way, just remember to keep it bright!
Now we know that watches should be timeless (no pun intended). However, who's to say a guy can't have a few different, yet still classic, time pieces in their wardrobe? Watches with interesting details and colours can still be used year-round as your every-day-watch. Also, we just think that any reason to add a new watch to the collection is a good reason, would you agree?

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