Tuesday, 25 June 2013


We recently came across some news (and photos) of Roberto Cavalli in his swim trunks. The event was newsworthy because the look was, well, less than flattering. We thought we would break down what sort of swimwear to choose, because finding the right look takes as much care as it does with any other garment—not all swim trunks are made to fit everyone. 
Image via Google images.

If you stand under 5'8", keeping your swimsuit length above the knee will make your legs appear longer. Remember, the longer your shorts, the shorter you look. 

For taller guys, simply reverse the shorter guy's strategy: Wear longer shorts that hit at the top or bottom of the knee, to e
ven out your proportions.  

Slim fellas can fill out their profile with some volume in the suit. Bold patterns and color blocking can add substance to your size. 

For a flattering look, bigger men should try a classic fit, that's neither baggy nor skin-tight. Go for darker colours, print patterns, and vertical stripes to make you appear leaner.

It's getting hot out there, and now that you know what kind of swim suit you need to wear, go on and enjoy the sun and surf!

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