Thursday, 8 August 2013


For the most part, people tend to give and up and give away/throw out their denim once it gets to this state:
Photo via Google images.
Unless you've decided to wear strategically-placed tears and holes in your jeans, you may not want to walk around with holes in your jeans. So, before you give up and (reluctantly*) toss them in the trash, we think you should try darning your denim first. Darning is a process where you basically re-weave new yarns into an area that has been worn thin or completely blown out. 

There's a neat, little tutorial on Youtube (HERE) that you can try if you happen to be good with a sewing machine. However, if you're not, darning is a relatively easy task for a tailor to do, so don't worry. 

*We added "reluctantly," because we know that sometimes, letting go of a pair of your favourite pairs of jeans, wrecked as they are, is a near impossible task for some people—you know who you are.
Darning is a much better solution to the iron-on patch, and for the most part, your jeans end up looking good as new!

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