Tuesday, 5 November 2013


After a recent discussion among friends about the appropriate way to shake someone's hand, we stumbled upon this piece by British GQ—aptly titled, The perfect handhsake. Handshakes, while a seemingly basic exercise, is actually an important part in leaving a good, first impression, at least as far as we're concerned. While we agree that we could do without most of the handshakes featured, here are some of our handshake pet-peeves, as illustrated by GQ.

"The dead fish: Limp-fingered, with minimal palm contact"

"The dead fish" probably grinds our gears more than any other bad handshake, and that's partly why we were compelled to share this with everyone. GQ writes that "Some people view this as a lack of respect, so be sure to make contact with the webbed part of your hand, between forefinger and thumb." So make that contact, folks!

"The sweaty Betty: Palms that are wetter than an otter's pocket"

According to the gents at GQ, to keep your palms dry, "Rub your hand with an alcohol wipe before a meeting, sip sage tea (to reduce sweat) and keep a tissue in your pocket to dry off before a shake."

Now don't be afraid to shake our hands when you stop by the shop. We'll still like you, even if your palms are a little sweaty.

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